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January 1st, 2018

2017 Reading Recap

I did an AWFUL job at keeping up with book reviews. There are still some from 2015 I have not yet written, and about half a year's worth from 2016. I had strong feelings about many of these books, so there's really no excuse except my own laziness. I did manage to keep track of them all in Goodreads. And I completed THREE reading challenges. So the year wasn't a complete failure on the reading front.

Total Number of Books Read: 154 (last year was 105)
Number of Rereads: 5

Reading Challenges Completed:
2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge (all 52 prompts)
Pohick Regional Library Summer Reading Bingo (completed maximum of 4 Bingos)
GoodReads Challenge 2017 (more than 100 books read)

Audio: 56
Digital/Ebook: 3
Paper: 99

Autobiography/Biography: 12
Picture Book: 40
Young Adult Fiction: 38
Graphic Novel: 24
Comics: 15
Nonfiction: 15
Juvie Fiction: 14
LGBT: 12
Fiction: 11
Fanfiction: 2
Science Fiction/Fantasy: 5
TV Tie-in: 5
Historical Fiction: 4
Juvie Nonfiction: 3
Play: 3
Poetry: 3
Mystery: 2
Classic: 1
Manga: 1
Romance: 1
(Note: some books count in multiple categories)

Acquired From:
Library: 93
BookCrossing: 15
Permanent collection: 15
Audio downloaded from library: 20
Used book purchase: 5
New book purchase: 4
Audio from library instead of BookCrossing: 2
Online archive: 2
Bookstore: 1

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my library? I'm quite happy with the variety of genres/types this year. There was only one book I abandoned halfway throughand so many I genuinely adored.

List of All Books Read in 2017:
click here for listCollapse )


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