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Hawkeye Voleme 2 by Matt Fraction, David Aja, others

Hawkeye Voleme 2
by Matt Fraction, David Aja, others

Definitely worth waiting for! I'm not so great at keeping up, issue to issue, so I rely on graphic novel collections of issues to read the stories properly. I've read the first collection several times, so I was desperately waiting for the rest of Hawkeye's story for over a year. I'm so glad to have finally read it, though it didn't go as I had guessed it would.

The issues in this collection bounce back and forth in story from Clint in New York, battling the track suit mafia, to Kate in LA, trying to survive after her father cut off her credit cards. There are so many delightful wrinkles in the two character arcs that made me not want to stop reading. Barney, Clint's brother, comes to town to help out... but after a fight, he winds up in a wheelchair and Clint is deafened. Kate, on the other hand, tries to sell her services as a superhero and only ends up making some new friends and attracting the attention of Madam Masque. Yikes!

I loved the character development. I loved the ASL dialogue. I loved the connections and complications. I loved the new characters. And I loved the unwinable situation that my heroes still manage to win. It was everything I love about comics. I just finished it, and now I can't wait to read it again.
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