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Ultimate Spider-Man #10: Hollywood by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Ultimate Spider-Man #10: Hollywood
by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Someone is taking advantage of the Spider-Man craze by creating a movie based on him as well as Doc Oc. Spider-Man isn't thrilled with it. Neither, apparently, is Doc Oc. When the villain escapes, he targets both Spider-Man and his ex-wife, who is a creative consultant on the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes where Peter goes to where the movie is filming and they film him to use the footage for the movie. I loved that Spider-Man in the movie is being played by Tobey Maguire. LOL! The Hollywood types are clueless, and luckily they don't catch when Doc Oc actually says Peter's name repeatedly. Doc Oc manages to kidnap Spider-Man and restrain him on a plane, and Spider-Men has to not only escape and beat up the baddie but get back to New York... from Brazil.

Normal kids do NOT have to worry about this sort of thing. Poor Peter. And when he finally gets home, he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun, because Gwen Stacy finally figured out Peter's little secret and blames Spider-Man for her father's death. Not good. By the end of the book, however, Peter is safe, the bad guys are in custody, evil metal arms are being melted down, and Peter's got his two girls supporting him. A nice end to this arc.

And ending on such a high note only makes me suspicious of how bad things will go for Peter in the next volume.
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