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Ultimate Spider-Man #11: Carnage by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Ultimate Spider-Man #11: Carnage
by Brian Michael Bendis & others

I read a few of the comics in this volume in comic form, thanks to a collection I found at a library used book sale. But I didn't remember the death in this issue. In fact, I thought this character survived the series, based on other comics I've read. I am confused. And I am sad. Even sadder that it was Doc Conners and Peter's DNA that lead to the death. I love the hurt!Peter scenes at the beginning so much. And I love the angst. But, man, can't Peter Parker catch a break? He was so darn happy at the end of Volume 10, lying in bed with MJ And Gwen and having these two support his Spider-Man exploits. And now, after this death, he's thinking of giving up being Spider-Man again? Oh, of course all it takes is one person in need to make him remember why he does what he does. But what a price this comes with. Poor Peter. I said that a lot while reading this volume.
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