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Five Little Pigs (Dramatized) by Agatha Christie

Five Little Pigs (Dramatized)
by Agatha Christie


I thought this was the audiobook, but it turned out to be a full cast radio dramatization, which was pretty neat. I watched the Mystery episode of this right after, though, and there were some HUGE differences. I wonder now which of them more accurately reflected the original Agatha Christie story.

In the story, a woman enlists Poirot's help in determining the guilt or innocence of her mother, who was hanged years ago for killing her father. After interviewing the five people who had been at the house at the time of the murder, he gets five different stories. However, there are details that jump out at him and he, of course, solves it brilliantly. I actually sort of figured out who did it, but not exactly how or why everything turned out as it did. I thought it was a good mystery, and I enjoyed it.
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