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Ultimate Spider-Man #12: Superstars by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Ultimate Spider-Man #12: Superstars
by Brian Michael Bendis & others

This was an interesting volume full of one or two-shot stories. We open with a body switch between Wolverine and Peter which was confusing only because it seemed to come out of nowhere and wasn't explained until the end. I remember seeing this happen during an episode of the Spider-man tv show and enjoyed it then; this didn't have the same magic, though there were definitely some fun moments as they had to deal with being in each other's bodies. Then, my favorite storyline, Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four spends a couple days at Peter's school. That was awesome, even if it didn't end particularly well for poor Johnny's love life or normal life for that matter. I looooooved that Reed built a watch that monitored Johnny's use of his powers. Of course he would. I also loved that Johnny admired Spider-Man; that was awesome. And then Dr. Strange... who is stil a bit of a mystery to me in general, but especially to Peter who has no memory of encountering him before. Peter's dream world was sad and disturbing. Poor sweet kid, just wants to use his powers for good. He doesn't deserve all this.

I suspect that's not the last time I'll think that during this series read.
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