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Ultimate Spider-Man #14: Warriors by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Ultimate Spider-Man #14: Warriors
by Brian Michael Bendis & others

So the question is: as horrible as Mr. Fisk is, should Spider-Man do what he says because there's someone even worse on the scene?

There are a lot of people in the game in this issue, including a new guy named Moon Knight. And who's back? Felicia... and the cat has a thing for the Spider. Are things finally going Peter's way? Finally? Everything comes to a head with Black Cat, Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Electra, Montana, Fancy Dan, and Hammerhead all going at it at once until Spider-Man traps them all in his web during the fight, so that he can call Captain Jeanne De Wolfe to come sort everything out. It's pretty darn epic, I have to admit. But things don't go exactly as Peter had hoped.

Of course they don't. Black Cat finds out he's just a kid. The bad guys escape. Aunt May tells Peter she'll kick him out of the house if he ditches school again. And the trustworthy cop is actually working for the bad guys. Oh Peter. When things go wrong... they really go wrong for you!
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