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Othello by William Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare


This is one Shakespeare play I hadn't read before. The story has interested me since I was a kid and heard it mentioned in the movie Renaissance Man. I saw it performed in Boston, but this was my first experience reading it. I must admit, I pictured Idris Elba as Othello and Tom Hiddleston as Iago. I liked the story a lot--the power hungry conniving bastard who can harm anyone was believable. And the misunderstanding was well set up. But Othello's reaction was WAY overdone. To the extreme. One rumor of his lady visiting another man and he goes freakin' crazy. Whoa. And, true to a Shakespeare tragedy, things do not go well from then on. Not at all. I'm glad I finally earread it. It's definitely not going to be my favorite play, but I did like it... except for the super crazy parts. Those made me angry and anxious.

I also rewarched this Sassy Gay Friend episode after reading the play and laughed even more now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKttq6EUqbE
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