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Ultimate Spider-Man #16: Deadpool by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Ultimate Spider-Man #16: Deadpool
by Brian Michael Bendis & others

Hrm. I expected to like this one more. Deadpool is such an interesting character, but all we get from "Wadey Wilson" in this volume is him trying to kill Spidey and my X-Men. Nothing but hate and badguy-ness. Not cool, Mr. Pool. I did enjoy how Spider-man went after Kitty and threw down with the X-Men. And more tension forms between Peter and MJ when she sees televised footage of Spider-Man and Kitty Pride kissing (poor MJ). But the other stories in this collection were disjointed. The spy that was such an interesting element introduced recently is just revealed for really no reason. The volume really fizzled out.
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