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Korgi, Book 3: A Hollow Beginning by Christian Slade

Korgi, Book 3: A Hollow Beginning
by Christian Slade

Just when we thought things were going well, that the big bad had been stopped, that little shard of glass leads the way toward an even bigger mystery and an even worse power out there that our little heroes must try to stop. After some fun asking around the hollow, Ivy and Sprout end up with Wart, being told a story of two evil princes who kidnapped korgis and stole their powers. The escaped korgis helped found their community that endures today, but the evil princes are still out there, in another form.

I loved the backstory, the introduction of new characters, and the world really growing. The art and storytellng, frame by frame, is wonderfully done. It's cute and funny and scary and dramatic all at once. Definitely still a fun little series.
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