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Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping by Melanie Watt

Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping
by Melanie Watt

When I mentioned that there weren't many books starring squirrels out there for kids, my coworker recommended this series. There was only this book in the series available at the library that day, but I gave it a read. It's the story of a squirrel who is scared of everything, but he's still a little cious and still wants to have a good life. In this book, he decides he wants to go camping. However, that's filled with lots of scary prospects, so he decides he'll just watch it on television. To plug the television cord in, however, he has to pass (and overcome) all the dangers of camping. He sets out, prepared with all sorts of things to get through scary obstacles... such as penguins. Because he is prepared, he actually does pretty well and realizes he was brave enough to make it through after all.

There are all sorts of morals at play here, but I found myself siding with the scared squirrel more than I probably should have. The world IS a dangerous place, buddy! And good for him for being overly, absurdly prepared! I can't fault him for that in any way!

This was cute and amusing, full of tons of details (I especially loved his packing list and the map to the electricity hookup). Fun and clever... and perhaps hits too close to home for me ;-)
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