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Leaf by Daishu Ma

by Daishu Ma

I picked this up at the library because it looked beautiful and thought it would be a quick read--no words! However, I found it a little difficult to follow the story in places; I found myself rereading the summary on the back cover about five times. The story is about a young boy who lives in a drab world of grays and blues. One day he discovers a leaf of yellow, which symbolizes to him a new way of doing things, perhaps a new way of powering the world. With the help of an old man and a young girl, he discovers it's maybe not so new as he thought, but it's definitely something important. And an unlucky mistake gives him a way to send it out into the world.

Though parts of the story were a little confusing to me, I still enjoyed the story. And the art is just amazing! I loved the elements of environment and technology portrayed through images and the bravery of youth. A beautiful read, even though I'm still not 100% sure I understood it all ;-)
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