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The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

The Colorado Kid
by Stephen King


I earread this book because it's mentioned as the inspiration for the television show, "Haven." And while there are a few things in common (the setting, the reporter brothers) that's where the similarities end. It's interesting to see how one could take this simple but strange mystery and build a supernatural story around it that takes place generations later.

I didn't particularly love the mystery--the tale of a man who is found dead on a beach and couldn't have been there. But I did like the newsmen's take on it and on mysteries in general. Sometimes there are explainable factors. Other times, human instinct and feeling are just as important to getting to the bottom of things as facts. Heart is important. So is culture. And Stephen King does an excellent job of describing these characters and making me fall in love with their little town.

I did find the storytelling itself a little tough; there's too much personality in the storytellers that kept distracting me from the mystery. And their intern is an awesome character as well. I wanted more from them and less of the actual mystery. Definitely not my favorite of Stephen King's, but still a good read. I liked it, even if I didn't love it.
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