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The Night Gardener by Terry Fan & Eric Fan

The Night Gardener
by Terry Fan

This book caught my eye when it came in through the bookdrop at the library because I'd just been discussing with my coworker how good a title for a book this would be.

This is the story of a little boy named William. He wakes to find a tree has been transformed overnight into a magnificent owl. Every morning the town finds another bush or tree or garden transformed, many times inspired by the interests of someone living nearby. This mystery brings magic and whimsy to the town and brightens up everyone's days. However, it's William who goes the next step and not only finds the night gardener but helps him. He's inspired and encouraged to continue bringing magic to his world, which is a lovely message to leave a child or adult reader with.

I also loved the illustrations, which were detailed but soft and appealing. I really enjoyed this inspiring creation by the Fan brothers.
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