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Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman

Orange is the New Black
by Piper Kerman


I've binged every season of Orange is the New Black the day it came out, so I've been interested in reading the original source material: Piper's memoir. I knew going in that the two didn't have many similarities. So i was surprised by the ways the two are similar. Ten years after committing some drug traficing offenses, Piper's past catches up to her and she is sentenced to prison. This is the story of her heading ito prison, learning the ropes, socializing with other inmates, and getting out again. It was interesting to see what characters and situations inspired much larger stories in the series.

There were times I felt like she was trying to explain things as though she were the first person to ever go to prison. And other times she was more concerned with explainting the bigger picture in saying she was lucky for her situation at this particular prison. (It never occurred to me that prisoners might have access to microwaves, for example). I enjoyed hearing her adventures and getting to know what kept her going as well as what she had to go through. I definitely still prefer the television show version, but it was neat to hear what really happened.
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