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Thunder Boy Jr. by Sherman Alexie

Thunder Boy Jr.
by Sherman Alexie; illustrated by Yuyi Morales

My coworker brought this book to work today (signed by the author himself!) and let me read it. It's an adorable story about a boy named Thunder. His dad's called Big Thunder, and so he's called Little Thunder... and secretly hates it. He likes the name well enough, and likes that it's different/not normal. But he doesn't like that he doesn't have a unique, original name. He proposes a bunch of other interesting, creative names like "Full of Wonder" and "Old Toys are Awesome." In the end, he gets the perfect name and there is much happiness.

For his first picture book, Sherman Alexie brought character and style in full force. The main character is fun and vibrant and also approachable and realistic. He sounds just like a thoughtful little kid. I couldn't help but love the little guy.
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