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Ultimate Spider-Man #21: War of the Symbiotes by Brian Michael Bendis & other

Ultimate Spider-Man #21: War of the Symbiotes
by Brian Michael Bendis & other

Well, this was another emotional one for Peter. He has another run-in with Eddie, his childhood friend and whose father worked with Peter's to build something that would have cured cancer. Instead, it's a symbiote that likes to eat people. And it has bonded with Eddie to the point where Eddie really likes eating people. He tells some of the story of tracking down Peter Parker, and other parts of the story are flashbacks on top of flashbacks. Which gives the whole story a strange feel to it where you have to work a little to follow the timeline. In the end, dear Gwen comes back into the story... a Gwen who's been cloned and infused with a symbiote. The story lives up to its title as Gwen escapes SHIELD/Stark custody and battles Eddie and his symbiote. The result is the best anyone could hope for... even if Eddie escapes.

There are some amazingly stressful moments for Peter, from the fact that there's unflattering video of him online to Eddie's Symbiote trying to French kiss him to realizing that the "good guys" don't want to stop the symbiote so much as have and use it. My favorite moment was Tony being kind of Gwen. Second favorite was Peter totally freaking out as he's researching big bad Roxxon and Trask on the computer at work. Third favorite is Nick Fury taking Peter home and tucking him into bed. This is a strange volume, but a good one!
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