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Lafayette in the Somewhat United States by Sarah Vowell

Lafayette in the Somewhat United States
by Sarah Vowell

I snagged this book at the library because of my aforementioned Hamilton obsession. I started reading it and loving hearing so much about Lafayette before I even realized this was nonfiction. Man, if history books were written this well, I would have absolutely loved history class in high school. Not only did a learn a heck of a lot more about Lafayette and the Revolutionary War, but I really got to know him as a person and a historical figure both. There were parts that made me tear up. There were parts that made me laugh. (I might have also squealed with joy every time Alexander Hamilton or John Laurens were mentioned).

I really enjoyed this book. I probably could have used a little less of the author's personal experiences as she visited sites relevant to Lafayette. But it also lightened the book and kept it personal as well. And it made me want to pull out my bucket list and put a few sites on there, including seeing Lafayette's grave on the Fourth of July. We owe this kid so much--our freedom and our gratitude. I loved getting to know him so well in this heartfelt book.
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