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Ultimate Spider-Man #22: Ultimatum by Brian Michael Bendis & other

Ultimate Spider-Man #22: Ultimatum
by Brian Michael Bendis & other

When I read the second part of this series years ago, they kept referencing some big, tragic event I had no idea about. And now, finally, I have a clue about it. Too much so. The destruction of New York (and who knows how much more of the world) is vivid and real and far, far more than a teenager should have to deal with (let alone try to deal with the Hulk on top of it). This volume started off with some teenage sex-related issues between MJ and Peter and ended with everyone broken and crying and terrified or dead. Seeing Daredevil, for example, was heartbreaking. Seeing Peter trying to save people and Jameson realizing he'd been wrong this whole time was even more serious. This was tough to get through. I just wanted to protect everyone and couldn't, just like Peter.

It was probably easier to read this, knowing Peter wasn't actually dead. But knowing how hard it will be for everyone after this still made it difficult.
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