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Buffy tvs: Wolves at the Gate (Vol 3) by Drew Goddard, others

Buffy the vampire slayer: Wolves at the Gate (Volume 3)
by Drew Goddard, others

Vampires are what slayers are supposed to do best, right? But what about vamps that turn into panthers and wolves and smoke? Harder to deal with. And ones that steal Buffy's special weapon? Definitely must be stopped. It's going to take the whole gang, though. And right now the gang is going through a lot of personal stuff. Xander's relationship with one of the slayers might actually be taking off (awww). Buffy's relationship with one of the slayers is finally playing out (awwww). And Dracula's relationship with Xander is... hilariously adorable (awwww). I did some awwwwing, as you might imagine. But I also laughed and teared up as well. I actually really enjoyed this arc. Even when things felt like they might be going too out of character, something would happen to bring it all back into the Buffy world and make it feel perfect again.
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