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Buffy tvs: Time of Your Life (Vol 4) byJoss Whedon, others

Buffy the vampire slayer: Time of Your Life (Volume 4)
by Joss Whedon, others

This was a pretty startling departure from the storyline in the first three volumes. Buffy finds herself sucked into the future and meets Fray! That was pretty damn awesome... for a while. I loved watching them interact and fight side-by-side. But things got pretty serious and dark pretty quickly. Definitely neat to see more of Fray's universe (dystopian futures are in right now, in any case). But what had to happen... what Buffy was forced to do... I did NOT see that coming! (Probably because so many random things happened, and it was difficult sometimes to figure out where the story was going).

I liked this volume, though not as much as previous storylines. Onward to Volume 5!
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