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What Makes Me A Muslim? by Catherine M. Petrini

What Makes Me A Muslim?
by Catherine M. Petrini


I knew a little bit about the Islamic faith going into this book, as I've had friends and coworkers who are Muslim. But this spelled everything out so clearly that it was easy to grasp some of the elements I was fuzzier about. I love the concentration on what makes the faith unique as well as how it's historically and culturally rooted in the same place as Christianity and Judaism, the belief in a single God. It covers the birth of the religion, its teachings, its five pillars, its holidays, and the way it is observed in modern day. It also doesn't shy away from some of the possibly more controversial subjects such as dress code and the link to violence in modern times. But even those subjects are explained in ways children (or adults, for that matter) can understand.
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