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Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham, Paul O Zelinsky

Z is for Moose
by Kelly Bingham, Paul O Zelinsky

Such a great alphabet book! Zebra is in charge of organizing all the items and animals to appear on different pages, one for each letter. But Moose is impatient and keeps barging in. "Is it my turn yet?" And when it comes time for M, finally, they go with Mouse instead this time. Moose is upset and throws himself into every page, causing disruption and chaos. Zebra tries to protect the items as much as he can, but he finally comes up with a solution everyone can live with.

It's a fun story, and the illustrations are haphazardly fun. I love that even the objects have personality and character to them. And Moose and Zebra's personalities really come out through the illustrations.
Tags: artist: z, author: b, book review, genre: picture book, title z

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