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Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos, Joy Ang

Mustache Baby
by Bridget Heos, Joy Ang

One of my coworkers bought this book for another coworker whose wife is expecting; we all signed a page in place of a greeting card. Most of us couldn't resist reading it at the same time.

In this book, Baby Billy is welcomed into the world... but he comes out, surprisingly, with a mustache! Is it a good-guy mustache or an evil mustache? His family has to wait to find out. At first, Billy does good (or tries to). But as any little kid, sometimes he inadvertently causes chaos. For example, on the page I signed, he's kind to animals and is seen patching up his adorable stuffed animal... but he's accidentally standing on his cat's tail while he does it. Oops! heehee I also loved him breaking up his brother & sister's poker game (but they were really playing Settlers of Catan). One day, however, Billy's mustache curls up at the ends and becomes an evil mustache--the book gets dark pretty quickly! Could Billy actually be bad? Nawwww, of course not. His parents love him and know what to do. And, in the end, there's a final startling surprise to laugh at. Definitely a funny book. And lovely illustrations that bring so much character to the story.

The best was watching my coworker and his wife reading the book together during their baby shower. The expressions on their faces and gasps, squeals, squeaks, and other sounds they made during the various plot twists totally made my day.
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