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Lionheart by Richard Collingridge

by Richard Collingridge

What a sweet book! Richard and his stuffed lion (named Lionheart) hear a scary noise and, assuming it's something terrible, take off so that it can't get them. Richard heads into the woods and finds himself in a magical jungle. He loses his stuffed animal somewhere (which made me sad) but then it shows up as a giant, magical lion! Lionheart n helps him be brave in the face of danger. It's a great, reassuring message.

The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. They're colorful and vivid and really capture every mood perfectly. My favorite part, however, was the very last page where Richard is back in his room. It's a lovely illustration on its own, but there are a few Easter eggs that made me smile--he has stuffed animals of Oscar the Grouch and Totoro!
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