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Groot by Jeff Loveness, Brian Kesinger

by Jeff Loveness, Brian Kesinger

I stalked this book at the library one evening when I was volunteering. When no one came back to claim it from the table where it had been abandoned, I snagged it and read it. It's amazing how Groot's story comes to life, even though his vocabulary is a little limited. Groot is such an amazing character, and this author/artist did a great job bringing him to life.

In this collection, Groot wants to go to Earth. But he and Rocket Raccoon run into some problems along the way--space sharks, skrulls, broken vehicles, bounty hunters, etc. So when Rocket gets kidnapped, Groot has to go after him. In order to do that, he teams up with the Silver Surfer (and helps save an entire planet; the surfer gets a blanket--awwwwww), an abandoned outmoded robot that runs on floppies, the same really useless skrulls as before, and even Jean Gray. I especially love the list of things various characters recommended they do on Earth--from attending a concert of Star-Lord's favorite band to watching Carol's favorite movie (Star Wars). This whole story was a great adventure, and it made me fall in love with Groot even more than I thought was possible. He has such a good heart. We even get an origin story for Groot! This wasn't life-changing, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.
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