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New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

New Moon
by Stephanie Meyer


Hmmm. My general thoughts about the characters and style of writing hasn't changed. I like the characters and I'm enjoying their adventures, but I really don't need to know every single thought that pops into Bella's head... repeatedly. The teens reading this-- yeah, they probably do. But me? If I heard one more Romeo & Juliette reference I was going to die.

But Jacob Black. OMG Wikipedia masses say he's the anti-Edward. I can't get on board with that. He totally loves her and wants to protect her. He just happens to want to protect her from the one she loves. It's a great triangle, I've gotta say. I really enjoyed that. And I really loved getting to know Jacob and his pack. I'm SUCH a fan of werewolf stories (thank you, Harry Potter and Buffy) and it was great to see the twists on that legend as well that Stephanie gave it. But I still love the idea of vamps and werewolves being mortal enemies. And I LOVE the pack protecting the lands. They're fantastic and funny and definitely made this book for me. I loved seeing Bella right in the middle of it, and I'm glad she finally found a friend to be with in her time of need.

Some nice h/c there, too. Gotta love that.

But the realistic teen thing still doesn't sit well with me for some reason. Yeah, having been through tough times, I can totally believe Bella's need to be reckless, to imagine Edward's voice, to want to come close to danger. And the R&J suicide thing was also believable. But I still wasn't thrilled with reading about it. I'm over that stage in life, and that kind of obsession isn't healthy, though it might be realistic. The Italy part of the plot was good, though, once I got through Edward's depression. Again, I'm thrilled that Meyer didn't shy away from the violent side of things just because it's a teen romance/drama. The vampires kill people!

Oh, and the vote. I'm totally on Edward's side there. (WTF is wrong with you, Bella?) But I loved that whole chapter, seeing the different family members' reactions to turning Bella. Fascinating. It's little bits like that which stand out for me.

I'm really enjoying the series and I'm picking up the third book tomorrow from the library (got the notice this morning that my hold was in). And I like seeing what'll happen (the werewolf thing totally caught me by surprise and I love that). But this won't be a series I'm obsessed and in love with.
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