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Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library! by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter

Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library!
by Vicki Myron and Bret Witter

I have the adult version of this book (Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World) on Mountain Range To Be Read. But I was checking books in from the book drop at the library yesterday and stumbled upon this illustrated version for children. I couldn't resist checking it out.

The illustrations are gorgeous. Dewey is *so* cute and playful. And the illustration where he has just had his bath and is being lifted out of the water and curling up, purring, in the librarian's hand is possibly the most adorable thing ever drawn in the history of the world. The illustrations and story go SO well together as Dewey explores his surroundings as any little kitten would do (getting into drawers, knocking pens to the floor, finding rubber bands, discovering kids/babies). The writer does anthropomorphize him a bit more than I think he needs to (because this story is adorable on its own without needing to get into Dewey's thoughts) but I have to say that the conversation between Dewey and Marty Mouse (a stuffed mouse toy) is one of my favorite parts of the book:
A library cat helps people, I think, and I'm ninety-two percent convinced that that's the reason I'm around.
Marty Mouse didn't say anything.
I'm gonna do it, Dewey said. I'm going to help people. And he felt so happy that he threw Marty Mouse into the air, kicked him with his back legs, then slept on him like a pillow.

This children's book is concerned with Dewey arriving at the library, discovering his surroundings, and realizing what a library cat is supposed to do. So it ends on a wonderful, happy note. And there are SO many adorable moments that any cat lover will enjoy.
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