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The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

The Friday Night Knitting Club
by Kate Jacobs


I wasn't incredibly captivated by this book. It just seemed a little too... typical. I guess that's why I don't read a lot of chick lit.

I did really like the characters, though I had trouble keeping them straight for the first half of the book or so (I was earreading it, so I couldn't easily look back to remind myself which of them was the one making the documentary and which had been knitting for years). It was very enjoyable watching the group form and then subsequently bond. I could relate to different aspects of different characters, especially one who was happy with her job but not as far in her life as she would have liked. Unlike her, however, I haven't gone out and gotten pregnant on purpose in order to find meaning! :-) I especially liked Georgia's daughter, but the story threw me a few times when it came to Georgia's ex trying to squeeze back into their lives.

I was a little shocked by the ending. I will admit I teared up briefly. But it also felt a bit too convenient to the plot. I'm kind of curious to see how the sequel will turn out given the ending (I'm told the second book is better than the first).
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