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Adam & Andy by James Asal

Adam & Andy
by James Asal

I stumbled upon the Adam & Andy webcomic the other day and immediately fell in love. Before finishing all the years of comics that were available on the website, I had already ordered this lovely book, signed by the author!

The book is shorter than I had hoped, but that is really the one and only drawback. Adam and Andy are an incredibly realistic and utterly adorable couple. The beauty of the strip is that it finds the humor in every day life; you can instantly relate to it. The characters are such nice guys and I saw a lot of myself in them (who doesn't like to come home from a hard day of work and flip onto the couch? And I totally have a hard time seeing my stuff go at yard sales as well). It makes you want to really know these guys! And it's really refreshing to read something with normal, older characters instead of just young pretty boys. The whole cast of characters is enjoyable, including the dog, Baxter, and it was great seeing more of them (and some of the first appearances of them) in this collection.

I know this will be a book a re-read throughout the years and continue to enjoy.
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