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My Secret: A PostSecret Book by Frank Warren

My Secret: A PostSecret Book
by Frank Warren

I didn't realize that some of the PostSecret books were actually available at my local library until last week when I took one off the shelves to put on hold for someone who had requested it through the library system. While I was there, I snagged another of the books for myself.

I read the postcards online occasionally (recently I think my junk mail has been filtering them out; I've got to do something about that) but this was my first time reading one of the books. It was interesting to see a collection of them, and see the juxtaposed postcards arranged in interesting ways/orders. Some postcards were shocking, some made me laugh, some made me tear up, and some made me feel a bit self-conscious. I find it absolutely fascinating to see this insight into people's lives and secrets. There's something so raw and honest that is so appealing to me.
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