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Star Trek The Siege (Deep Space Nine #2)
by Peter David


I devoured this book. This is book #2 in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series but that means it's the first original novel based on the show. It was written by the great Peter David, so it's good, but it was written after he had seen only a few episodes of the show. That was enough for him to get a sense of the characters and types of stories to expect. In theory.

In practice, things a little different. Odo is more casual around Sisko than he should be. Sisko's interactions with the Cardassians is a little off. Also, it's strange to see a shapeshifter acting like this (though there was no way to know what they would become at this point in the series).

However, as a whole, the story fit very well into the universe. I could forgive the slight character differences/oocness because they were new to each other and their environment still. And the shapeshifter was a renegade of sorts so it could act however it wanted to without throwing off the rest of canon. So it was actually quite interesting to see this fresh, early version of the characters. So the problems actually weren't problems at all. The story was mysterious, exciting, and I could absolutely picture it happening as part of the Star Trek universe.


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