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The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde

The Fourth Bear
by Jasper Fforde


After reading and loving The Big Over Easy I knew I had to immediately track down the second Nursery Crimes book. And while I didn't love this one quite as much (the cast of characters is smaller) I still really enjoyed this book and laughed a lot.

In the first book, the beginnings of chapters always had a court case discussed at the top. In this book, the beginnings of chapters come with facts from the Bumper Book of Barkshire Records--all of which are hilarious and absurd and quite possibly true ;-)

This was a great mystery--lots of twists and turns, lots of different elements, and lots of fun. I liked all the little side tangents as well--Jack coming to terms with the fact that he IS a Nursery Rhyme character (and his wife realizing this as well), Mary Mary possibly finding love, exploring the culture of the aliens, etc.

I was sad when the book was over--I want more adventures in their world! Ffore's writing is so wonderfully entertaining and engaging. Even if I liked the first book better, this one definitely did not let me down :-)
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