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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins


I was a little nervous when starting this book. I liked the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy so much I wasn't sure I wanted to ruin that powerful experience by diluting the story with another set of adventures. And after the amazing scenes and finish of the first book, how could there even BE a second. It's not like the kids were going to be thrown back into the stadium or anything, right?

And that's where I was wrong, of course. Their second time in the games was just as amazing as their first because it was filled with so many other physical and psychological elements. I love the love triangle (Who should she choose? I'm with John Green: I'm on Team Katniss!) and the horrible situation. I love watching them team up and battle against other districts. I love the emotion--the sweetness, the fear, the anger, the suffering, the triumph--and the dynamic between the main characters and their government, leading to actual rebellions within other districts. How much is really happening? How much is being covered up? What will happen in Mockingjay? And HOW COULD THE BOOK END THERE?!
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