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A Little Twist of Texas by Linda Raven Moore

A Little Twist of Texas
by Linda Raven Moore


I finished this on Do Nothing But Read Day- June 27, 2010. I started it while on a trip to Denver, Colorado (read much of it on the plane ride back to Washington, D.C./Virginia.

I must admit it was a lot of fun reading this book while on a trip. And when I was finishing it up, I couldn't help but feel both excited and worried about my upcoming trip to Orlando. My mind kept wandering to the subject of what routes I might take, what snarfs I might find, and what adventures/problems I might have. I kept going back and forth between calling off the road trip and wanting to sit down and plan it out immediately. LOL So I found this book both inspiring and realistic.

I liked the honesty and details, making me feel like I was right there with her on her adventure. I've only ridden on the back of a motorcycle a few times, but that was enough to know that it was enjoyable but absolutely not for me; I like the feeling of perceived safety of four walls, a roof, and a floor around me at all times. But several of my fictional characters are planning a cross country road trip on motorcycle so this was especially interesting to read to get a sense of what that's really like.

I really enjoyed the twists and adventures. She managed to make everything--stretches of highway, tiny towns, stops for gas, staying with friends, national parks--interesting. I like how the subject matter ranged from the trip to books to history to spirituality to pretty much anything you could imagine. But the subject of this book is definitely not the trip--it's the trip-taker. It was great getting to know WhiteRaven a little better, see her photos, read her words, see what filled her with joy or caused her trouble, see her change and learn and experience. And while maybe a little was TMI it never made me uncomfortable, even for a second. It was just one more part of the adventure, one more layer to experience with WhiteRaven.

Also, the map & lists of supplies in the back were great. And I liked all the photos, captions, and ravens throughout the book. Beautifully assembled and a thrill to finally get to read. Thanks!
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