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Torchwood: Rift War by Paul Grist, others

Torchwood: Rift War
by Paul Grist, Ian Edginton, D'Israeli, Brian Williamson, Simon Furman

I read this on Do Nothing But Read Day- June 27, 2010.

I love Torchwood and graphic novels, and I'd read the beginning of this in Torchwood Magazine. it was great to have all the comic strips together in one book and finally get a chance to read them all in proper order. I'm always excited about a new Torchwood adventure :-)

I liked parts of this story very much. It was fun to see what the rift was going to do next and see how it all tied together into the bigger picture. And there were lots of little moments I loved like Ianto knowing it wasn't Jack immediately and Tosh crushing hard on Owen. But most of the smaller stories seemed a little too quick and confused me or didn't really grab my interest. The dinosaurs, for example, didn't do much for me; it was fine, but not amazing. Moreover, I wasn't a huge fan of the art. It was just a style I didn't like too much. And then there was a different style(/artist) for part 7 and OMG I immediately wanted a return to the old style I didn't like. The main characters were horribly drawn--not at all my taste. Jack looked freaky and everyone looked ugly. How is it possible to make such beautiful people so ugly? But all the secondary/non-Torchwood characters and the rest of the images (scenery, etc.) were gorgeous.

I liked how the story came together in the end (even though I kind of guessed it about Vox).

I also really enjoyed the bonus story at the end, Jetsum. Now that art was gorgeous and much more of what I like. And I liked the drama and personal elements in that story as well. And Tosh's "nice cup of tea" line definitely made me smile :-)
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