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Future Diary Volume 1 by Sakae Esuno

Future Diary Volume 1
by Sakae Esuno

(Graphic Novel)

This was quite interesting. It reminded me of a handful of other things, but had some unique elements that made it different. and there were some characters I actually cared about from the start. The opening was dramatic enough to pull me in and keep me reading and interested even though it jumped back a week or so after the initial teaser images.

I love the idea of people having diaries on their phones that allow them to see the future. But I especially loved the fact that each diary is a little different in its nature. And it's neat that these diaries can be combined to get a more complete picture of the future. That opens it up to all sorts of possibilities and adventures (and potential obstacles). The fight to the death for ultimate power aspect was very reminiscent of Highlander (which is my favorite television show of all time), but the unpredictable nature of the future keeps us wondering how things will turn out. I liked the mix of supernatural and real world here; that's a sort of genre I love. The story is simple but a lot of fun.

I hope I'll be able to track down other volumes of this series, because now I'm really interested to know how it turns out!
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