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Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen

Library Lion
by Michelle Knudsen

I saw this on top of the shelves one day when I was volunteering at the library. It seemed highly improbable to me that there would be a lion in a library. That silliness and the adorable cover art made me pick it up and read it. Awwwww! How adorable! It's the story of a lion who keeps showing up at a library. The librarians decide that as long as he doesn't break any library rules, he's allowed to stay. So he learns not to roar and he starts helping out (licking envelopes, dusting, etc.) But when one of the librarians falls and can't get up, he must roar to get help. He is then forced to leave. But... he is soon told that it's all right to break the rules if it's for a very good reason.

I adored the story and its lesson (it's something I should take to heart; I am NOT a rule breaker). And the art was just gorgeous and adorable.
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