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Diary of A Baby Wombat by Jackie French, Bruce Whatley

Diary of A Baby Wombat
by Jackie French, Bruce Whatley

I was checking for books off the missing list amongst the new JP section at the library during my volunteer shift and this book jumped out at me. I read it, giggling the whole way through. I loved the exhaused mommy wombat putting up with her wombat baby who sleeps at the wrong times. The "diary" format was a string of events in the life of the baby wombat--eat, sleep (in funny/adorable positions), dig, play with new friend, etc.). But there was also a little plot where the wombats need a bigger hole in which to live. The baby thinks he found one (the nearby house) but the door was closed when he went to show his mommy. So they dig and dig and dig and come up in a new hole--which happens to be baby wombat's human baby friend's bedroom. Oh, the expressions on all the characters' faces are priceless throughout. It's so cute and the illustrations are both simple and detailed. I feel like I could read it over and over and still notice little jokes :-) This book is the very definition of cute!
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