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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
by Stieg Larsson


Before I could get to the paper copy of this book I picked up at the BookCrossing meetup, the audio version I had put on hold came in at the library for me. Excitedly, I started the book.

After a disc, I wasn't hooked. In fact, I had to listen to a few tracks over again at the beginning before I could get straight who was talking and what the mystery of the flowers was about. Where was the girl with the dragon tattoo? Ugh. Slow start. I almost gave up. I hit disc 2 and still wasn't captivated. In fact, I chose to drive around in silence for a while instead of listening to the book. But then, finally, Henrik Vanger shows up.
Henrik: Hello, Blomkvist. I've brought you a plot.
KateKintail: Oh, THERE's the plot! I wondered when you were going to get here.

Turns out that the plot I got hooked on was actually a subplot. And, in fact, there were subplots within subplots within subplots. And I was just as hooked on the relationship between Salander and Blomkvist as I was with Harriet's disappearance. And then, suddenly, I COULD NOT STOP LISTENING! I found excuses to go driving just so I could earread more of it. I couldn't get enough of the suspense and mystery and all the little components that unfolded. I loved that it was kind of simple but full of such detail that no one but these special people were able to uncover the truth. And I love the truth. Just as I loved getting to know the characters. The showdown in Martin's house was brutal and shocking and so every exciting! And finally finding out what happened to Harriet was excellent.

When that plot came to a close, I realized there were still 3 discs left. What could possibly be said for 3 more discs? I'd forgotten the whole Wennerstrom incident. And, yes, I was happy to see Salander help Blomkvist find the truth there as well. And, okay, it was interesting to see Blomkvist come out on top at the end. But it was less interesting to me than the Harriet mystery. The very end with Salander dragged so much I thought I'd never get through that part. Ugh. I didn't need all that detail. it was okay, don't get me wrong. I liked knowing that it was so planned and thought-out and that she's finally financially independent. But it just kept going and going and I didn't need it.

The last scene broke my heart. I actually bought a badger stuffed animal (it's because I'm a fan of the Harry Potter books and I'm a Hufflepuff) and I've been looking for a name for it for months. Suddenly the name "Berger" just seemed right. It wasn't until I was mostly through the book that I realized that was one of the character's names. I have no problem with Blomkvist and Berger. But I desperately want Salander and Blomkvist to happen! I can't wait to read the next book, but I'm #144 in the wait queue for it at the library. So I have a while to wait yet.

So my experience with this book was a series of ups and downs. But I am so glad I read it and I look forward to the rest!
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